Passionate people that cares about your challenge.



NetNordic Morecom's mission is to help solve your challenges. We pride ourselves on leaving you satisfied, and aim to keep you supported even after your problem is solved.


NetNordic Morecom has been around since early 2000. We created the company with the aim to serve a growing demand for professional services in the local markets. On our journey we've acquired technical provess and a heart for difficult problems, keeping our standards high and striving to deliver quality.

In 2019 we became part of the NetNordic familiy, giving strength to our mission critcal deliveries, head over to the NetNordic site to give the familiy a try.


Software and digitale services is our business, delivered through a mix of professional services or cloud adapted deliveres.


When we meet you, we work to show you our competence by getting the job done timely and reliably. And we get the job done with a smile. We use technology to solve a problem, but work with people to understand the problem at hand.


If you come to work with us, you'll find a company where values matters. At our place you are welcome to share your experiences, behave normally and act friendly. We value sharing of knowledge and urge everyone to accept diversity as a driver for change and innovation. We uphold a high ethic standard, and pride ourselves in following the UN Global principles.

Whether you look for a challenge, have a problem to solve or need innovative telecom services - come join us in our quest to change peoples lives through digitization.